Never stop learning

March 23, 2017


Life and times in the garden. Plant watermelon seedlings (x 3), turn your back in high summer and watch the plant consume the garden. Check for flowers, be sorely tempted to rip plant out as you think it’s not going to give any fruit. See the occasional flower, check in several weeks to see fruit swelling, hiding under leaves. Epic production wiht virtually no intervention (the occasional prune). Plants die off (exhausted !) to reveal 3 garden beds. Freshly top exposed space with locally made compost. Fresh delivery of mulch (so fresh it was lovely & warm to walk on) in order to make hugelkultur beds on the far side for next spring/ summer. The plan is to let to let the cucurbits and melons have their way wiht space to go wild.

Feed the soil, feeds the plant. Feed the plant, happy plant (over time), patience plus happy plant = happy people. Sleep well after moving countless barrows of warm mulch and listen to the endless rain soak into everything.

Welcome autumn.

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