Cooling down now

April 27, 2017

…..its’ getting closer to winter by the day. Seeing sights of the basil bolting to seed, growth on many plants is slowing down, yet the lemons are ripening up beautiufully as are the limes. Air temperature is dropping (10oC this morning), as is the soil temperature.

Make sure to use mulch to act as an insulation layer to keep the residue heat trapped. Just like putting a blanket in the bed, keeps the heat in and the cold at bay. (And in summer the mulch protects the soil from the suns heating rays, keeping the temperature stable.)IMG_9012.JPG

Nature is remarkable. Just as we start to get a little snuffly, the lemon tree produces the goods. Citrus juice in water, lemon zest in cooking, eat the white pith from these thick skinned beauties and wonder why you’ve never tried this sweet sensation before.

Just because it’s cooling down outside, certainly doesn’t mean you should start slowing down. Plenty of jobs to take on…..

Feed you worms, the citrus trees, the soil, mulch everything that stands still long enough ! Rope some friends into a wander through a parkland and check out the turn of the season.

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