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Minimising Waste

May 24, 2017

It’s a massive issue. Imagine – collectively we end up sending 20% of our weekly groceries straight to landfill. Imagine all that embodied energy. Carrots can take up to 2 weeks to germinate from seed. They take several months to grow – water evenly and regularly or they’ll split their seams and look terrible. Don’t woory – still edible – just give them a good clean. I end up roasting or simmering these ones.

Then then grow carrots need havesting, washing, transporting to market, handled onto the market table or store, purchased and taken home by you. Quite often they’re packaged for our convenience into plastic bags, which can take around 500 years to break down – whoa ! The least we can do is show them due respect and eat them. Don’t forget the tops – high in vitamin C – awesome in a pesto/ sauce/ stripped off their main stalk and popped into a stir fry. If the carrot is a little wonky, don’t stress. Just means it’s probably hit a rock or something lumpy in the soil. Too much nutrient in the soil and they’ll fork. There”s a lot to consider when we’re looking for carrots !

Plan yourweekly meals and buy according. Keep those glass jars a sauce came in, wash them up and use to store stuff in the fridge. As glass is non porous, you can store meat in one, wash it when finished and ta da ! No nasty reside to contaminate the next foodstuff. Plastic on the other hand can hold odour (amongst other things ) in it’s porous surface.

Do the transition to glass slow and steady, use what you’ve got first and make it last.
carrots plus topspickle set

Have a little bit of watermelon rind ? Pickle it.

How about a bit of capsicum and you’re about to go away ? Pickle it.

Shallots? Cucamelon? Pickle it! This will expand their life expectancy significantly.

Here’s a recipe for easy fridge pickles (and a whole other world!) I’ve been using for a while.

Get creative,experiement, have fun and use what you’ve got.

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