Be Kind

June 14, 2017

So we’re a week away from Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year, before we start the slow amble to spring. The garden is growing so slowly, some of the top beds even have a little moss on them due to insuffient light. They’re pausing in their work, why shouldn’t we ?

Solstice is a good chance to catch up with friends around the campfire, celebrate and remember to cut yourself a little slack. Be kind to yourself and practice a little self care.

This may take the shape of encouraging someone to help you out, even though it will take ages to get the job done, it’s a beautiful opportunity to spend time together. Who knows what discoveroes will be made. Do something slow and medatative. Around our place it’s a spot of weeding, as husband and daughter are doing on the turf covered roof. Also a perfect time to be outside, as the UV is low, less chance of frying your skin and the days are cool.

Get really decadant, and curl up in the sunshine – almost feels like the ultimate luxury……Read a book, drool over a seed catalogue as you make plans for spring.

Or simply enjoy the play of light and remember how good life is.

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