Everyday objects

October 27, 2017

The nice thing about routine is exactly that. A routine. Something you do on a regular basis, using regular tools. When you use something regularly, it’s nice if you actually enjoy the task maybe there’s even a little ritual involved. Like putting the espresso pot on the stove top every morning.

Take the humble chopping board for example. This one has a story. One based on love. Weird you may think for a lump of wood. I use it every day I’m home for approximately the last 17years. I know that’s how long it’s been, because we bought this 2kg block on our honeymoon in Tasmania at the markets. It feels good. It’s a real material and no piece of plastic is ever going to come close to having this living energy.

The scissors – big handles and SHARP. The first few times I wasn’t paying attention, I managed to accidentally jab myself and draw blood. I use these scissors every time I harvest and they always do a beautiful job. Haven’t had to sharpen them in the 6 years I’ve owned them. Purchased from a little local hardware store in Japan, they are a functional beautiful souvenir from a fabulous adventure.

The thermos, whilst not everyday, is magic – of so my sister says. Capable of keeping broth really warm for two days, it makes me smile. Treasure found in a op shop that’s stood the test of time.IMG_9912

How about you ? Do you have everyday objects that bring a smile, you’re thankful for every time you use it ?

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