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Growing awareness

March 4, 2019

Many of us learn by doing. By actions taken and observing our experiments over time. That’s been pretty much the whole path of the adventures of Popes Produce. Try. Wait and see. try again. Wait. Cheer.

Working within your community is such a treat. I’ve been loving working with a local child care centre to share my growing enthusiasm for edibles with their little ones through monthly incursions.
So today it was lessons in to actions. Tiny little hands filling cups with beautifully aged compost, nestling in little lettuce seedlings to observe and share with their families.

Little hands learning by doing
Stages of a pumpkin seed germinating

To help illustrate the growth of a seedling, the worm farm pumps out the goods. It’s about getting your systems in place, observing, and sharing those findings.

Imparting these lessons with the little ones and their gorgeous teachers will generate further discussions with each other, in the centre, the the home, and give people food for thought as to where our nourishment comes from.

Caring people, caring community – what an awesome place to be!

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