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Gotta start somewhere

March 19, 2019
Yin Yang beans

The main thing about gardening – you just have to start somewhere. I started our backyard market garden with absolutely no idea, no real skills, not much patience – but I had curiosity in spades. After working with food for so many years, I was up for a new chapter.

Most people at this stage would have done a little homework, talked to a few people, maybe have done a course or interned somewhere – not me! In my wildly naive ways, I thought I ‘d just stick something in the ground and see what happened. And that’s why the last 3 years has been such an incredibly steep learning curve.

Seeing a seed germinate in seed raising mix you blended and spring to life is something else. Watching the cotyledons emerge, then on to the true leaves – I check every morning, almost willing them to grow in front of my eyes.

No fancy greenhouse yet – repurposed the kids old plastic lego shelving until I know I can do this seed raising thing for sure before investing in the big bikkies. Use what you’ve got, run the experiments and pay loads of attention. Soon enough there will be a rhythm and then the seasons will change, just to keep you on your toes.

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