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It started with a seed

March 27, 2019

Well, it actually started with a salad – a salad farm or market garden where dogs the size of small ponies and weighing in as much as a medium sized human, roamed the farm to protect us all from black bears.

On this ex forestry site, the penny finally dropped. We planted seed, hand watered, harvested and rinsed leaves in a modified wash station shed. I got it. I finally connected with what it was to grow food for others to eat. Plant seed, work, nap, play at beach, sleep, water, protect, harvest, repeat. That was the general rhythm of our days.

This was a chapter in the life and times of an off grid market garden on Vancouver Island several years ago, a temporary home for 6 weeks in a year of travels.

view from hill overlooking kitchen and one aspect of the market garden
small fry seeing how the dishes are done low tech
one of the many many garden beds, planted, watered and harvested by hand

Seemingly a simple day, but which required careful planning, patience, a nod to astrology and a consult with the lunar planting guide and knowing thy workforce to yield best results.

From here I took a desire to learn more an a new found passion to grow. A skill set which used to be so commonplace has been pushed to the side as days just got busier and busier.

In order to understand more of what I eat and in an attempt to slow down, days are now spent seeding, reading how to do the next step, weeding, feeding, observing and tasting what works (and doesn’t) in our own backyard, And what a trip. There’s something to be said about walking outside to harvest leaves for lunch, knowing exactly how much time and energy has gone into that verdant crunchy hit. Try it out – you’ll see 🙂

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