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April 2, 2019

As remarkably – most people do. It’s fun when it fresh, even better if it’s full of vitality and makes your tastebuds smile. Kinda cool when you can’t put a price on it, as it’s something super seasonal to your area. Some of these things you just can’t buy as they’re not viable as commercial crops. Or if you can find them – where have they traveled from, how long ago and did it need a visa to reach you?

Right now theses juicy finger limes are falling off the tree. They get squeezed on to pretty much any dinner and I’ve no idea how long their season is. Husks are all that remain from a bowl of fejoas and banana passionfruit. The fejoa almost got it in the neck a while back, but perseverance won the day – 4 years down the track and the reward is sweet. Again, I’ve no idea how long their productive season is either.

I thank our little winged friends in their Warre beehive for the fantastic pollination of so many of our foods. Naturally , no chemicals are used around the garden, as that would throw the system absolutely and ruin the balance of our slightly overgrown backyard wonderland.

Just to have some living microgreens on the bench, a connection to the earth (even if a cup of soil is all it is) can have so many benefits. Manageable for one, accessible is another. Low maintenance. Just think of it as a pet you can leave on the bench. Snowpeas may take a little while to show their heads, but oh so tasty – worth the week long wait.

If you’re really pressed for time, have a go a radish or rocket. Punching above their weight, these micros are so full of flavour – get curious and plants some seeds to impress your tastebuds.

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