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Coming up for air

Every now and again my head feels a little like this….. A little all over the shop. It seems to make sense if I can lay it all out – systems mapping at it’s finest. Get comfy, spread it all out, no electronic interruptions and gently sift through the layers. I actually really like this […]

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Looking forward

You also need to look back, see where you’ve come from to make sense of the forward journey. So on my way back from the market garden,heading south  this is what I check out….. Feels a little like structured chaos. As of a few days ago, when I pause for a cuppa, looking north is […]

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autumn | biodiversity in the garden

When I grow up…

…I wanted to be a florist. Full of colour, creativity and bringing people joy. A fragrant workplace, full of wonder. Funny how ideas manifest into reality. Our market garden has flowers which inspire curiousity, taste great, some have healing properties and most importantly fabulous for the pollinating insects in the garden. Flowers have been in use […]

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autumn | soil

Making your bed

Bed is a happy place, when you get it just right it verges on magic. That’s what was happening today – preparing for magic. Checking the pH of the beds to make sure they’re in the optimum range of pH6 – pH7.5 means the nutrient buffet is open and ready to be feasted upon. If […]

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Here we are

…….in this day, at this moment. A break in between the seemingly never ending rain, enjoying cooler autumn days, pockets of sunshine, garden observations.  Cucumbers have finished, zucchini not enjoying the cooler weather, kohlrabi plumping up nicely, rocket seedlings happy. Thankful for lessons learnt (not much enjoys a really hot day!), opportunities arising and being […]

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