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Small and slow solutions

.(..being content with the small wins and getting through the day.) Pretty much most days seem like their potential is limitless. There’s a never ending parade of incredible people doing amazing things and getting out there saving the world. I walk down the hill and wonder how I can save a few lemons. This tree […]

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Summer Daze

So far there’s been a few  consistent elements to our summer. Watering  – heat – humidity – cucumbers – my desire to read – watering  – afternoon naps (so decadent !) Tricky trying to get back into the rhythm of working outdoors in the heat of summer. My brain goes a little mushy and my […]

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Salad days

Last day of winter, and there’s markers of the seasonal change all around. Brassicas (broccoli here) flower merrily, days are longer minute by minute, grass is growing a little quicker. Rainbow colours planted to stir fry, salads in next level for diversity, grab & go meals, shallots for skinny places…. The tip of this garden […]

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Seasonal offerings

Admittedly – my brain stalled a bit this morning as the rain poured down, saturating my every thought. There’s a special list of jobs I save for days like today – things that don’t seem as much fun when the sun’s out. Couldn’t remember a single one of them or where that list was. So […]

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Minimising Waste

It’s a massive issue. Imagine – collectively we end up sending 20% of our weekly groceries straight to landfill. Imagine all that embodied energy. Carrots can take up to 2 weeks to germinate from seed. They take several months to grow – water evenly and regularly or they’ll split their seams and look terrible. Don’t […]

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Here we are

…….in this day, at this moment. A break in between the seemingly never ending rain, enjoying cooler autumn days, pockets of sunshine, garden observations.  Cucumbers have finished, zucchini not enjoying the cooler weather, kohlrabi plumping up nicely, rocket seedlings happy. Thankful for lessons learnt (not much enjoys a really hot day!), opportunities arising and being […]

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