The art of manifestation

So lately I’ve been refocusing what our vision is for Popes Produce. What we came up with was –‘crafting locally grown abundance’ and what we’re encouraging with our education program is ‘inspiring home grown food adventures’. We want to have fun, empower […]

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Learning from the curious

The opportunity to learn should be a right, but quite often I like to think of it as a gift. What a treat to meet someone that spark’s curiosity (or to be the one inspiring others) so much they want to find […]

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Why we do what we do….

Thanks you so much beautiful Kelly for your patience ! ….I’ve been struggling to write a decent business plan of late, so whilst watering this morning, I came up with a brain dump of why all this important to me…. WHY WE […]

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The next step

Building is one of those biggies. We may want to extend family space, create additional space, make our backyard more multi functional or all of the above. But what a lot of us non builders don’t realise is, when you say ‘let’s […]

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Makes me smile

It’s all the little things. These are in no particular order….. When someone doing great work is happy to share their experiences with you (thanks to super mentor market gardeners Cal at Green Connect & Lizzie of Piccolo Farm ), when you go into […]

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