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A little piece of home

So winter school holiday times are fun for us. The garden grows so slowly as the sun is a low rider across our southern skies. Perfect time to choose our own adventure. Follow the coast and the sunshine. In our attempt to be diligent travelers, participate in plastic free July and keep the scurvy at […]

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Wonder bowl

Ever wonder where your food comes from ? Thought about how much energy it takes ? Know the person who grew it ? Maybe the region it came from ? Every now & again I do. It’s pretty cool to actually know a few answers to questions now & again. So this photo was lunch […]

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Summer Daze

So far there’s been a few  consistent elements to our summer. Watering  – heat – humidity – cucumbers – my desire to read – watering  – afternoon naps (so decadent !) Tricky trying to get back into the rhythm of working outdoors in the heat of summer. My brain goes a little mushy and my […]

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