Weekly Offerings

Our harvests are wrapped in square fabric wraps, furoshiki style. These wraps are returned each week, so we can wash and reuse and reuse and reuse. Once harvested and wrapped, we store our customers orders in eskies for pick up.


is a $40 monthly subscription offer to keep you set for salad.

Each Thursday morning we harvest what’s most abundant on the day. Our signature salad mix is crafted from a variety of lettuces, a hint of herbs and a sprinkling of edible flowers.

The salad mix is a little different each week, no two are ever the same –  just like life.



For $80 per month you will receive a selection of what’s in abundance during the season wrapped in a fabric square.

Early spring offerings include;

beetroot – blood orange – rainbow chard – english spinach – kale – shallots – sprouting broccoli


To see what’s in the Wrap and how people are using their fresh produce, pop on over to Popes Produce Veggie Wrap group

PLEASE NOTE – All orders are packed on Thursdays, for pick up only.

Please contact us for further details and any queries you may have.

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