Weekly Offerings


is a $40 monthly subscription offer to keep you set for salad.

Each Thursday morning we harvest what’s most abundant on the day. Our signature salad mix is crafted from a variety of lettuces, a hint of herbs and a sprinkling of edible flowers.

The salad mix is a little different each week, no two are ever the same –  just like life.

                    ‘VEGGIE WRAP’

For $80 per month you will receive a selection of what’s in abundance during the season wrapped in a fabric square.

A sample of an early winter order:


lemon – limes – cucamelons – shallots – salad mix – herb bouquet – fennel –  carrots

To see what’s in the Wrap and how people are using their fresh produce, pop on over to Popes Produce Veggie Wrap group

PLEASE NOTE – All orders are packed on Thursdays, for pick up only.

Please contact us for further details and any queries you may have.

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